The iPad, with its gorgeous touchscreen, has long been a home for casual, touch-based games. But more and more high-end games, some from consoles or PCs, are coming to the iPad. You could use the on-screen “buttons,” but it’s just not ideal. Instead, grab one of these Bluetooth controllers.

Top Pick

One of the best ever made, this product also includes a headphone jack so you can game without disturbing anyone nearby. Microsoft

Newer iPads have remarkably powerful processors and graphics capabilities. Games like Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Stardew Valley now support Bluetooth controllers on the iPad, and the experience is truly amazing. Throw the controller into your bag and you’ve got a big-screen, amazing portable gaming device.

This item comes in various designs inspired by gaming systems of the past. It supports the iPad and several other consoles. 8Bitdo

The problem is, not just any controller will work with the iPad. Apple only supports a few, through its “Made for iPhone/iPad” program—you’ll have to do a little research to make sure that the controller you like will actually be recognized by the iPad.

Multiple Colors Available

You can’t use this product’s touch panel with the iPad—but, then, you’ve already got a full touchscreen on your tablet. PlayStation

With more and more games coming to the iPad, including from its subscription service Apple Arcade, the iPad is becoming a more and more capable gaming device. After all, the Nintendo Switch is essentially just an Android tablet made by Nintendo; why can’t the iPad, which is just as powerful, become a major gaming force, too?