Three Ways to Enjoy Bottled Water Anywhere, Anytime

Staying hydrated is important, especially during the warm months, and thanks to some unique bottles of H2O, it’s not difficult.

Bottled water
Bottled water comes in all sorts of packaging, so read the label before you buy to make sure you know what you’re ingesting.San Pellegrino

Although bottled water has been around since the late 17th century, it’s only within the last 50 years that is has become the world’s most popular packaged drink. Americans consume an estimated 42 gallons of bottled water annually, while the number of brands and labels continues to expand. With more than a dozen categories of water on the market—from distilled to spring, artesian, sterile, mineral, infused, and many others—there are literally a flood of choices. Ultimately, if the water you buy is strictly for consumption, the best type comes down to a matter of personal taste. Here are three common categories of bottled water that will keep you hydrated with a taste you’ll enjoy.

Spring Water

Natural Spring Water Bottle
True spring water isn’t piped or siphoned into bottles, but rather naturally filtered and directed into containers.evian

True spring water comes from an underground aquifer that flows to the surface through natural means. It is pure H2O naturally filtered by the earth’s permeable strata. But don’t be fooled, some products marketed as spring water are actually just groundwater that is pumped through bore holes to the surface. If you are serious about your spring water and its alleged health benefits, research the brands carefully to find out which ones are truly from a natural spring.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water
Sparkling water is clean, pure water, but with an added amount of carbon dioxide, which causes all the fizz and bubbles.San Pellegrino

Sparkling water contains some amount of carbon dioxide, which causes it to fizz the same way as a carbonated soft drink. Originally, this effervescence was a feature of spring or mineral waters with a naturally high CO2 content, but many modern mineral waters are enhanced during bottling. Sparkling-water drinkers find it particularly refreshing at mealtimes as well as a satisfying proxy for alcoholic beverages in social settings.


flavored water
The healthiest flavored waters are those that don’t also have added sugars or calories.Essentia Water LLC

If you want a more robust taste profile, there are a nearly limitless number of flavor-infused waters to choose from. Most are fruit-based and subtle, somewhere between a fruit drink and pure water. This category may also be infused with a variety of minerals and vitamins purported to give an energy boost. But if you are making a healthy choice, look for a purely fruit-infused drink with zero added sugar and no calories.