Choosing toys that help develop fine motor skills while challenging a child’s imagination are two great goals to keep in mind when you’re out shopping for a special gift. Toys that replicate the real tools that adults use around the house to make minor repairs or build special projects are great kid pleasers. Outfit the little builders on your list with a pretend workbench, cordless drill, and tool set, and you’ll be amazed at how they’ll pass the hours building make-believe projects, both inside and outdoors.

Toy Workbench

Little builders can stay busy for hours with a toy workbench set that allows them to put all sorts of things together. Toy Choi’s

This 100-piece toy workbench for toddlers has all the tools and accessories your little builders need to keep them busy for hours. The make-believe set comes with a toy hardhat, hand tools, gears, faux nuts and bolts, and a drill. The set can also transform into a tool suitcase, Trolley case, and standard stand workbench, so your kids will never get bored. Best of all, everything fits into a case for easy storage.

Cordless Toy Drill Set

A toy drill that sounds just like the real thing when you press the button is a great learning tool. Kidzlane

This 19-piece set has everything little boys or girls need to pretend they are carpenters, contractors, or construction foremen. The set includes safety goggles, a real tape measure, a plastic hammer, nails, nuts, bolts, a ratchet, channel lock pliers and a screwdriver. And the battery-operated toy drill makes realistic sounds when you press the button, just like the ones real contractors use. The tape measure included in the set is fully functional, which makes for a great learning tool for little builders to measure with, and the whole kit fits in a handy carrying case so you can take it on the road.

Tool set

Real tools, not toys, that are downsized to fit small hands, are perfect for working on projects with kids. REXBETI

This tool belt is just the thing for kids five years old and older who enjoy working on projects with mom or dad. These are real tools downsized for small hands, not toys, so you’ll want to supervise whenever kids use them. Tools include a 6-inch kids claw hammer, long-nose plier, magnetic flat and Phillips screwdrivers, magnetic level, steel ruler, safety goggle, 10-foot measuring tape, and more. It all comes in a rugged, 10-pocket tool belt.