Three Butcher Block Styles Ideal for the Home Chef

Whether you need more counter space or a place to slice and dice ingredients, a chunk of wood can be a huge asset in any kitchen.

Maintaining a well-appointed kitchen is essential to improving your culinary skills. A proper wood cutting board is one of those often-overlooked accessories that can make a big difference in meal preparation and serving. While thin plastic boards are light and easy to clean, they usually lack the heft to handle heavier tasks. Any of these wooden cutting-board styles will improve your time in the kitchen and also add a touch of culinary character to your prep space.

Multiple Functions

An island block adds additional counter space and makes it easy to shuffle around as you prepare ingredients. Clevr

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For the ultimate in cutting boards, an island butcher block that also doubles as a rolling cart is highly versatile. In addition to having the mass to manage any kind of butchery or chopping job, a cart-style block offers storage space for knives, sharpeners, butcher’s twine, or spices, and it is easy to reposition around the kitchen according to a chef’s needs.

Durable and Dependable

A simple plank makes a great working surface, but be sure to get one that’s large enough for your tasks. John Boos

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If you just want a surface for basic kitchen processing, a no-nonsense countertop board is a great option. As far as the best size, consider what you will be using it for. Food prep, such as vegetable slicing and dicing, only requires a small board, but if you will also be using it for butchery or carving meats, err on the side of more mass rather than less. Wood cutting boards basically come in one of two construction types. End-grain boards (i.e. with exposed grain oriented toward the cutting surface), are easier on a knife edge but can be harder to clean. Edge-grain boards tend to dull knives faster but are easy to clean. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference.

For Leaky Poultry

Panels that collect food moisture are ideal if you want to take things like steak straight from the smoker to the table. Amazon

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If you want a board that can also double as a serving tray, make sure it has a juice groove to capture drippings. This style of board makes a great resting station for grilled meats hot off the flame. Loosely cover that roast or steak with a foil tent, and then give it five to ten minutes to coast to the perfectly finished internal temperature before serving.

Also Consider


Each of these can double as platters. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD

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Tough Material

The surface of this product won’t degrade from cutlery. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD

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