Car Cassette Player Adapters to Stream Music from Your Phone

Don’t let that old tape deck go to waste.

Car cassette tape playing in car.
If your car still has a cassette deck, you can turn it into an adapter for your phone.Unsplash

If you’re attached to your vintage car from the ’80s or ’90s but have tossed all the tapes you used to play in its cassette deck, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the radio when you want to sing and drive. You can stream tunes directly from your phone by connecting it to a special adapter that you insert into the car’s unused cassette deck. And here’s the best news: It allows you to listen to your favorite songs on demand without having to fast forward or take your eyes off the road long enough to insert a new tape. Now rev up and let the music play.

Arsvita Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter, 3.5 MM Auxillary Cable Tape Adapter

Super Versatile

This one has a groove along the top so you can change the cable exit direction if your deck has upside-down insertion.arsvita

The audio produced by cassette adapters won’t be premium, but there are ways to improve it. Turn the volume on the phone up to loud but short of maximum and then leave it there, and then use the cassette deck knob to increase and decrease the volume while listening to music. Finding the right balance between your phone’s volume and the cassette deck’s volume is crucial, but try not to raise the cassette deck’s volume over the phone’s volume, as it will produce a hissing sound.

Arsvita Car Audio Bluetooth Cassette Receiver, Tape Player Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Aux Adapter

Premium Sound Quality

This high-tech device has an eight-hour battery life and 1.5-hour charge time. It can pair with your phone or other smart device—no cords needed.Arsvita

It’s never a good idea to browse the internet when you’re behind the wheel, but you can still answer your phone while the adapter is connected to the cassette deck. If you prefer for your car to have the wireless look, you can get a device with a Bluetooth connection. Cutting out the cord will also minimize hisses, pops and static.

Elook Car Cassette Aux Adapter Kit, with A Smartphone to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter for Car, Phone, MP3 ect. Black

Maximum Compatibility

This one has a 24K gold-plated metal plug, a 2mm plastic and rubber cord with a copper shell for more durability.Elook

If you haven’t mastered the art of making a Bluetooth connection (trust us, you aren’t alone) and would rather establish a link via cable, a longer cord will provide more flexibility while allowing backseat passengers to play DJ. Some adapters feature a silent mechanism to reduce mechanical noise created by wires.