If you’re like so many other people, a police officer has given you a citation for having your phone in hand while driving. Hopefully that was enough to shake you into shape and you don’t talk on a phone while driving anymore (unless with a hands-free device). We know it’s hard to put your phone away while driving, so instead it’s time to invest in a car cell phone mount. This allows you to use your maps to see where you’re going without putting your safety and the safety of others at risk. If you need one in your vehicle (they cost less than a citation), here are things you should look for before you add one to your shopping cart.

Easy Lock and Release

If it takes you five minutes to get your phone in your car cell phone mount, you won’t use it. iOttie

Ease of use is huge for any product you buy. This is especially true when it comes to fitting your phone into a car cell phone mount. The easier it is to lock your phone into the mount, and take it out when you leave your car, the better. The best options for this include a mount that requires one touch, and only one hand to operate. Thanks to the strong suction on some of these car cell phone mounts, you can trust your phone will stay put.


The size of the phone you have now might be different if you upgrade devices, so get a car cell phone mount that is adjustable. Beam Electronics

Buying a new phone is a big enough deal that you don’t want to worry about buying a new car cell phone mount to fit it. Instead, buy a car cell phone mount that fits your current phone, and that is adjustable. When the time comes for you to upgrade your cell game, your same car cell phone mount will work.

Ability to Rotate

You may want to change your viewing angle while driving, so you want a car cell phone mount that can rotate. AUKEY

Due to the sun or your use of your phone, you want a car cell phone mount with the ability to rotate and move to adjust to your needs. Rotation also allows you to switch between portrait and landscape mode easily, thanks to a pivoting ball on the mount. We hope you aren’t staring at your phone too much while driving, but when you do, it needs to be with ease, so you aren’t sacrificing safety for a text.