Snacks, check. Electronics, check. Space? A well-organized road trip requires plenty of supplies, which can make the backseat feel especially cramped several hours in. A car seat organizer—designed either for hanging over the front seat or working in tandem with a child’s car seat—can hold gear, and even provides a docking space for a tablet. The result: A mess-free, whine-free road trip.

Budget Pick

Snacks, electronics, and miscellaneous items all have space in this model; durable material protects against damage. ULEEKA

Consider a car seat organizer with a holder for a tablet, so you don’t need to worry about kids dropping the screen mid-trip. A car seat organizer is also a smart central station to put necessary everyday supplies. Making sure to have sunscreen, first aid supplies and snacks can help ensure that any trip—from five minutes to five hours—runs smoothly.

Compact Option

This one has multiple areas to store books, art supplies and snacks. Built-in cup holders help reduce spills. Lusso Gear

If your kid’s car or booster seat doesn’t have cupholders, a car seat organizer next to them with multiple pockets can serve as a convenient place to stow drinks and snacks to satisfy mid-drive hunger pangs.

Good for Working

Streamlined design and generous spaces provide room for kid and adult supplies. Buckle strap hangs over seat. Tsumbay

Car seat organizers aren’t just for kids. A leather-style organizer can provide a sleek option to upgrade your backseat in seconds. If you regularly have adults riding in the back, consider a car seat organizer with a foldable tray that can hold a tablet or phone for work on the go.