Choosing a coffee table for your living room seems like an easy enough task. That is, however, until you get to the store and realize you don’t have the information you need to pick the right one. You may know the style you want, the color, the material, etc., but there are other details that make a big difference in whether the table will work for your home. Thus, it’s important you think about these things ahead of time and know what to look for in a new coffee table.

Simple to Assemble

This option also features a bottom shelf for additional storage. Convenience Concepts

Oftentimes, people only take the length into consideration when it comes to shopping for a new coffee table. However, the width and the height are equally as important. You want your coffee table to be both function and comfortable to use, so getting one that is too low can cause issues. The same goes for one that is too high—it can render the coffee table almost useless. Decide what height will give you the best ease of use and look for a table with that height and the length you already know.

Top Pick

This option can hold up to 75 pounds of weight. Walker Edison Furniture Company

If your home has a beach vibe to it, do you want to get an antique coffee table that doesn’t match at all? We didn’t think so. So, pick a coffee table that goes well with the decor you already have. However, know that matching the table to your existing decor means more than simply the style. It also means the size. Do you want your coffee table to be the center of attention? Then go with one that is bigger. Do you want your coffee table to blend in easily with the rest of the room? Then get one that is smaller.

Also Consider

This rustic choice opens up, allowing blankets, pillows and other items to be placed inside. Signature Design by Ashley

What will you be using your coffee table for? If you have kids, your coffee table will likely look different than if you live alone. Will your coffee table double as a storage area? Or will it serve solely as a place to set some books for decoration? Do you plan to use it as a place to rest your feet when watching TV? These are all things to consider when buying your new coffee table.