Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes smaller is just what we need, and tablets usually get size just right. At the miniature end, a 7″ or 8″ one will be easier on your eyes than a smartphone, and even a larger 10-incher will be far more portable than a laptop and it won’t require opening and closing. The most important question to ask is what you’ll be using it to do. If you’re mostly looking to casually browse the internet or stream music, you’ll have different needs than someone who will be using a tablet to read books and/or watch movies. Where you’ll be using it and your preferred operating system will also influence your decision. Now get ready to choose wisely.

Comfortable Size

With a Micro SD card, you can expand the memory of this device up to 512 GB. Samsung

Binge streamers can get a wide-screen tablet with an aspect ratio of 16:10 or 16:9 for a more cinematic experience. If you’ll be using it for work, most tablets include free or paid office and word processing apps like Pages and Google Docs. And if you prefer to use a physical keypad, you can get one that attaches to a separate keyboard or connects to a wireless one. Most tablets are made to satisfy at least casual gamers, and for making lists and doodling, so many models have a built-in notepad app and allow for the use of a stylus.

Extra Portable

At only 0.76 pounds, this gadget is smaller than most, but still much larger than your phone, making it ideal for plane trips. Samsung

Storage space on tablets vary, and if you’ll be taking lots of photos and keeping various other files on it, get one with at least 32G of built-in memory that also has an SD slot to expand its memory capability.

Budget Friendly

In eye-care mode, this device automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight so you can read comfortably at night. It has built-in Google Assistant and a micro HDMI port for connecting it to a TV. Dragon Touch

Some tablets come with built-in mobile Internet, if you don’t want to depend on a Wi-Fi connection. They’ll cost more and you’ll need to purchase a mobile data subscription or get a pay-as-you-go plan. When taking it on the road, you can share the mobile data from your smartphone (which will drain the phone’s battery pretty quickly) or connect it to a portable Wi-Fi router.

Also Consider


This model has a children’s mode with age-appropriate content and parental controls for younger users. Built-in eye protection reduces the threat of eye strain. Lenovo

Big Battery

At full charge, the 6000mAh battery in this electronic can keep going for up to 15 hours. vankyo