Cool-Looking Gaming Headsets with the Best Lighting and Effects

Show off more than just your gaming skills with these cool headsets.

They may not improve your game, but headsets tricked out with LED lights and other cool special effects will ensure you look great while you’re winning. Those flashing lights serve as a form of personalization and expression—and they’re just plain cool. Here are the headsets we’re gaming in.

Kaleidoscopic Style

The noise-cancelling mic rotates 160 degrees and minimizes ambient noise to provide 360-degree voice pickup. RUNMUS

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LED lights come in a variety of single-color options. RGB LED lights combine red, blue and green into more than 16 million different hues. The warm white light it creates is only an approximation of what a white LED light produces. If you want to add a purer and brighter white to the kaleidoscope of RGB color options, RGBW LED lights can get you pretty close. Just expect to pay a bit more.

Angular Look

A 50 mm driver in each ear cup means top-notch surround sound audio for games and music. RUNMUS

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Many headsets require you to connect them to a power source in order to turn on the LED lights on first use. After the headset is charged, they will flash automatically every time it’s turned on. Some LED headsets change color and hue on their own, while others have a button you can press until you get the shade you want.

Marathon Play

Thickened ear cushions work for long gaming sessions while providing better sound isolation. BENGOO

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Just because they won’t influence the quality of your gaming doesn’t mean LED lights on headsets can’t serve any practical purpose. In addition to personalizing headsets, they can brighten up a playing space and make you stand out on livestreams.

Also Consider

Immersive Experience

The 1.2”-thick ear pads use a new second-generation skin-friendly material that’s super-soft for comfort. ONIKUMA

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Great Audio

Omnidirectional noise reduction picks up the user’s voice more clearly in chats with teammates. PeohZarr

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