Cordless Landline Phone Systems for Your Home or Office

Ideal for homes where your cell doesn’t pick up perfect reception.

It’s true that the landline is a dying breed. After all, in 2004, more than 90 percent of U.S. adults lived in households that had a landline phone. Now, thanks to the rise in cell phones, that figure is less than 40 percent. But if you live in a reception dead spot, and your internet isn’t reliable enough for voice calls, a landline can be an absolute savior.

Smartphone Savvy

With 12 hours of talk time on a full charge and text to speech function to announce callers, this set-up ticks a lot of boxes. Panasonic

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These days we all know that we live most of our lives on our smartphones, but that doesn’t mean your landline has to be a separate entity. Various landline handsets offer options that allow you to link your cell and landline in multiple ways. Some use Bluetooth so that you can make and receive calls on your landline, even when someone has called your cell, while others have systems that let you transfer all your contacts from your cell directly to your landline handset.

Easy To Use

Clear message counter, plus high contrast display and back-lit buttons make for a very user-friendly device. Panasonic

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For those who have restricted movement or visual impairment, the larger format of a landline handset can make life easier. Many phones boast large screens with big text displays and large, backlit keys that make dialling easier, and they can also be programmed to have different ringtones for different callers, or even to announce the name of the caller when the phone rings.

Privacy Protection

This smart system can accommodate up to twelve devices, and works seamlessly with your smartphone. Comes with features that allow you to identify and block callers. VTech

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A landline is a great option for those who are concerned about security as many have features that make it easier than ever to screen calls. You can, for example, set them up so that you can ask the caller to press the pound sign, which will block automated calls, or have unknown callers identify themselves by their name, giving you the choice to block the call, answer it or send it straight to voicemail.