Curved Computer Monitors For Work, Games, Movies and More

Curved monitors are no longer only for wealthy gamers.

The idea with curved monitors is that the screen occupies more of your peripheral vision than a traditional flat screen. That means that when you glance a bit off to the side, you’re still “inside” whatever the monitor is showing you. This makes them great for gaming, but also for watching videos, editing photos, or getting lost in your work of any kind.

Gamer’s Dream

This display is effectively the same resolution as two 1440p monitors side by side, and comes with a long power cord to reach outlets. Amazon

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One statistic that can help you select a curved monitor is a number followed by the letter R; common ones are 1800R and 1000R. Those refer to how sharply the display is curved—basically, that number measures the radius of the circle that would be formed if you continued the curve of your monitor back around until it meets itself. 1000R means that the radius of the circle would be 1000mm, or one meter.

Vivid Display

This display has excellent contrast, with multiple ways to adjust its direction and angle, as well as on-screen controls. Amazon

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Curved displays are often larger than typical flat displays. This can make them excellent for high-powered computing; many of us these days have (or would like to have) two monitors, to more easily show all the stuff going on with our computer simultaneously. A curved monitor can be an option to see more on a single monitor.

Easy Connectivity

This model has the ability to play sound with no external devices, as well as a small bezel to maximize screen space. Amazon

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Many curved monitors have an option to use USB-C for connectivity. This new generation of USB is the one you’ll find in many new computers, including all of Apple’s, as well as many tablets and phones. That means that you can connect your computer to your monitor with the same cable you’d use to charge your phone, or to connect your tablet to your TV.