Three Features You Need in a Diaper Disposal

It may seem silly to get a dispenser just for diapers, but in the long run, you’ll be thankful you did.

Yes, you can just throw dirty diapers in the garbage. That’s what a lot of new parents think until they have a few dirty diapers sitting at the top of their can and the smell begins drifting into other corners of their home. Having a diaper dispenser to keep dirty diapers in one “locked-up” place is something you will quickly come to appreciate as a parent. Out of sight, out of mind, and that is great when it comes to diapers (just don’t forget to take out the bag from your diaper dispenser and dispose of it). If you’re looking for a diaper disposal, the three things you want to look for are air-tight clamps, a universal bag capacity size, and one that boasts a lot of storage.

Air Tight

Keep the lid tight on your diaper disposal to keep odors contained. Diaper Genie

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Many means of disposing diapers do not have a way to clamp the lid shut in order to keep the stench contained. At first, you may think that’s not a huge deal, but you should think again because it only takes a couple of stinky diapers to funkify your entire house. Instead, find a diaper dispenser that comes fitted with air-tight clamps—double clamps are even better. This ensures odors stay in the bin where they’re meant to be, and don’t escape to the rest of your home.

Universal Bag Size

A one-size-fits-all diaper disposal is going to make your life much easier. Ubbi

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When you’re running low on diaper trash bags and run to the store to grab more, you don’t want to worry about remembering the specific size of the bag required for your brand of diaper container. That’s one small detail that can turn into a massive annoyance. There are some great diaper dispensers out there that are compatible with a universal bag size so when you’re on the go, you don’t have to worry about remembering a specific bag size. Just grab and go because as a parent, sometimes that’s all you have time for.


Having a diaper dispenser is pretty much useless unless it can hold a decent number of soiled diapers. Munchkin

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Getting a diaper dispenser that holds five diapers seems more like a waste of your time and money than anything, right? That’s not even a day’s worth of diapers before it’s time to take the bag out and replace it. We know you have better ways to spend your time, so make sure that when you buy a diaper disposal you get one that can hold a lot of diapers—and by a lot, we mean upwards of 25 per bag. That is going to be a major time saver for you and make a world of difference in your daily life.