Durable Flashlights for Your Emergency Kit or Utility Drawer

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Light is closer than the end of the tunnel.

In the event of a long blackout or marathon camping trip, the flashlight app on your phone won’t light up your world for long. A good, powerful beam guarantees you’ll be able to shed light on everything during periods of extended darkness. We recommend a flashlight that will take non-rechargeable batteries, since rechargeable ones might not be as handy when there’s no electricity to top them up. Some other factors to keep in mind are light output and durability. Naturally, you don’t want your flashlight to fall apart just when you need it most.

It can live through a 10-foot drop and being underwater for a short period of time, and it can shed light on objects that are as far as 1,000 feet away. GearLight

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Lumen is the measure of light output—the more a flashlight releases, the more powerful it will be. A flashlight with a lumens of 1,000, for instance, is going to be brighter and have a beam distance that is farther than one with 180 lumens. You probably won’t need to go that high, though, especially since more lumens mean a shorter battery life. The standard for everyday flashlights in urban and suburban areas is 100 lumens, which will give you five to 10 hours of light time with two AA batteries.

Its ribbed casing and non-slip grip ensure you’re less likely to drop it, and it can provide a 25 lumens beam for up to 60 hours per battery change. Available as a set of two or four. Eveready

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You don’t need to be a fireman to benefit from a flashlight that is both impact- and water-resistant. Being protected from impact doesn’t mean you can run it over or strike it with a heavy object and expect it to continue lighting up. The level of impact resistance is determined by dropping it onto concrete six times from a certain distance; a flashlight with impact resistance of six feet might not survive being hurled against a brick wall six feet away.

Built to withstand the beatings of outdoor life, it comes with two free holsters for improved portability. Vont

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LED technology has overtaken bulbs as light generators, and beams typically come in three types. A flood (or fixed) beam is wider and good for doing general tasks in the dark or looking at a map. A spot (or focused) beam can penetrate a long distance and is good for finding a path or, if you’re a climber, the next pitch. An adjustable beam allows you to alternate between flood and spot.