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Even for tech professionals, routers are an incredibly frustrating category of gadget. Software can vary dramatically from product to product and they include dozens of features that the vast majority of people will never need or use. Yet having a quality router makes a huge difference in your home internet performance. Here are the easiest ones to use.

You can add multiple devices to this system to extend your network—no more dead zones in your home. Google

A vital part of making routers easy to set up and use is totally rethinking the software and settings. Previously, you’d have to go to your computer and enter one of several addresses (like into your browser before wrangling with an impenetrable set of settings. No longer! Many new routers include easy-to-use apps for your smartphone which allow you to check the status, run speed tests, update firmware and other tasks, all in a nicely simplified way.

Sync this product with virtual assistants and control it with simple commands. TP-Link

Another key is ease of initial setup. You don’t want to learn about encryption models, VPNs or any of the other advanced features—you just want to plug in the router and get online. Some new routers pride themselves on the ease of this setup; ideally, there’s an app to guide you through the process, which should take no more than a couple of minutes.

With a subscription service, this gadget provides antivirus and time management tools. NETGEAR

One problem that makes routers frustrating is that they have trouble beaming their signal through some walls or over long distances. If you have a large house, an old house or a large property, you may have experienced the struggles of moving a router around or purchasing a WiFi extender—which reduces your internet speed and sometimes adds a second network, which is very confusing. Instead, opt for a mesh network router. These allow you to buy additional units as needed and plug them into any regular outlet. They’ll communicate with each other to create total coverage, and best of all, you won’t have to disconnect or fool around with settings at all.

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These devices pair and work to seamlessly spread internet coverage over a large area. TP-Link

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