If you have less jurisdiction over the temperature in your office than you do over the number of soul-sucking meetings you have to sit through on a daily basis, consider one of these solutions. None will get you out of Chad’s 3:30 Q4 sales forecast that’s definitely going long, but at least you’ll go into it with rosy cheeks.

Space Heater

This ceramic space heater has a thermostat with 11 settings. Lasko

Got a spare outlet in that power strip under your desk? Put it to use by plugging in a quality space heater that’ll warm your feet and legs throughout the day.

Fingerless Gloves

These convertible mittens are made of 50 percent wool and 50 percent acrylic. Vigrace

Convertible mittens keep your digits warm on the walk between the car and the office and quickly transform to finger-liberating gloves once you reach your desk. Pro tip: Don’t try and type with the mitten flaps over your fingers.

Insulated Booty

Your desk mates will appreciate the fact that these booties are machine washable. Baffin

If your office has a strict no-space-heater policy, keep your tootsies toasty with some quilted slippers that act like sleeping bags for your feet. Who knows, you might just start a fashion trend.