Canned goods will last you next to forever, and sometimes it seems like that’s about how long it takes to open them. Everyone has been there. Things are going smoothly as you try to flip the lid off your canned goods using a manual can opener, when suddenly, you hit a snag that stops the tool and ruins your perfect opening. Electric can openers help to give you a smoother one. They get the job done more quickly, and by going automatically, you can avoid the potential mess and hassle of manual can openers. Best of all, you’ll barely have to lift a finger for it to work.

Easy to Clean

A power-cutting blade and durable material make this effective and practically indestructible. The arm is also removable, which makes cleaning it up a cinch. Cuisinart

Unlike traditional can openers, you can use an electric model with one hand tied behind your back. With most, you just push down a lever to get it started. Once the can is completely open, depending on the model, the device will stop on its own, or you just release the lever. Since they’re automatic, electric can openers are particularly useful for those who suffer from arthritis or hand pain, or are unable to use one or both hands. When you have to open multiple cans one after another, your hands will be grateful for the assistance.

Just tap it once to start, and tap it again to stop. The blade cuts along the edge without ever touching the contents inside. Kitchen Mama

An electric can opener removes the risk of accidentally cutting yourself on the edge of the lid. The best ones have an attached magnet that pulls off the lid so that it doesn’t fall into the can or injure your hand while you’re removing it. Others cut on the side of the can, allowing you to easily pull up the lid when it’s done.

Versatile Pick

Unlike most models, the blade cuts along the side, minimizing contact with food. Since the motor is permanently lubricated, you’ll never have to oil it. Hamilton Beach

An electric can opener will last longer than a manual one, but you have to be diligent about cleaning it. You don’t want leftover food residue to stick around and put your digestive health at risk. Never submerge an electric can opener in water. Instead, wipe it down with a cloth and cleaning solution, and then use a toothbrush to get to hard-to-reach areas. The cutting blades typically can handle between 2,500 and 5,000 openings, so be sure to replace them once they wear out.