A child can never be too young to find Uzbekistan on a map or develop a healthy appreciation for world travel. Knowledge of the planet outside their own local borders can breed an early respect for different cultures and diversity—and electronic globes for kids are a fun, interactive way for them to start developing those muscles. These don’t just map out the world outside of their bedrooms; an illumination function allows them to double as night lights, and some models can actually talk to kids and offer fun facts about nature, animals, countries, cities, continents, and oceans. Your little one may be years away from filling out their bucket list, but they can get an early start on compiling a future-vacation wish list.


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If you don’t want your young child getting tangled up in power cords just yet, you can get an electronic globe for kids that doesn’t require a power source and runs on batteries or through a connection to an app on a mobile device. These may include categories of information for various countries accompanied by music and voices. Puzzles and activities further enhance the learning experience by making it more fun and interactive for children.

Contrary to what a traditional globe might lead kids to believe, the world isn’t just about land and water. There’s also an entire universe above that’s beyond the reach of most globes. This is what makes an electronic globe for kids with an astronomical element so valuable. In addition to getting their geographical lessons, they can also learn about zodiac signs, planets, constellations, and all the other Milky Way stars that light up night skies.

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While electronic globes for kids offer plenty of extras, you don’t want to forget about some of the more basic features. When picking one out, you should look for one in which the world map is clearly color-coded and labelled, so young children will have an easy time picking out continents, countries, cities, and bodies of water. And since kids can be pretty rough on gadgets, make sure it is tough enough to withstand sticky fingers and possible falls. Most importantly, an electronic globe for kids should be easy to use so their imaginations can run wild and travel solo without parental assistance.