There are few major appliances that have yet to get a “smart” upgrade in this tech savvy world. From coffee makers that essentially set themselves to microwaves you can program from your phone—it’s only fitting that electronic toilet seats are now available to keep you clean, dry or even heat your cold bottom with the press of a button. Here’s what to look for when upgrading your “throne” to the digital age.

Energy Save Mode

These products reduce paper use, and this one also includes an energy-saving mode. BioBidet

The beauty of an electronic toilet seat with bidet functionality is while it’ll save you on toilet paper, not all take both sexes into consideration—look for one that’s marketed to the people who live in your home. Something else to look for is a vortex stream—an extra-concentrated stream of water that’s specially designed to assist, should it be needed.

Ultra Hygienic

Hands-free cover goes up and down on its own, and the inside and outside of the wand is cleaned both before and after use. TOTO

If you share a bathroom, you want an electronic seat with a remote control so you can preset your own personalized settings and have them ready to go with the touch of a button. This becomes especially important if you differ with other members of your household over bidet water stream pressure preferences!

Luxurious Design

Features a massage feature, a hot air dryer, and an energy saving mode. BioBidet

There are things you just don’t know you’re missing until they come into your life. And, well, heated drying and a massage from your toilet are two of those things. With all the time you spend sitting on the toilet, why not treat yourself (and your backside) to some extra TLC? For some, the bathroom is the only real bit of alone time you get all day so may as well take advantage and look for an electronic seat with those features.