Enjoy the Benefits of Using a Wireless Mouse with Your PC or Laptop

Cut cord clutter and improve your gaming experience.

Wired or wireless? That is the question, and many computer users have been asking it since Logitech debuted the first wireless mouse in 1991. When it comes to negotiating the cursor on your computer monitor or laptop, you can go either way, depending on which features matter most to you. While the wired mouse has been guiding computer use since the ’60s, wireless offers distinct benefits today. For one, it eliminates extra cords, and it leaves one more USB port free to connect to another accessory.

A wireless mouse is also easier to use with smaller, more portable devices like tablets, and it takes up less space on your desk and in your luggage, making it convenient for frequent travelers. Although a wireless mouse may be a bit slower than a wired one, gamers will appreciate the larger range of motion a wireless mouse provides. Let’s get shopping for one!

For Multiple Connections

This item works with Windows and Mac operating systems, and it can connect to up to six compatible devices at once. Logitech

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No USB port? No problem. If you use your TV as a monitor, a wireless mouse is an ideal option since it doesn’t have to be physically attached to the receiving device. A wireless mouse offers greater physical flexibility than a traditional wired mouse, which basically keeps you tethered to your computer.

Just Plug and Play

This item is designed to prevent delays, dropouts, and interference, and functions from a distance of up to 33 feet. RATEL

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A wired mouse is powered by the computer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or charging it. Some wireless manufacturers get past the power issue by including docking stations for charging. Although these take up some extra desk space, they’ll save you the hassle of having your mouse run out of power at inconvenient times, like in the middle of a gaming match before an important work deadline.

Faster and High Tech

Its low latency and interference reduction puts this one on par with any corded model. Razer

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Despite the gaming benefits of a wired mouse (no battery or charging required, more stable connections), a wireless device allows you to take the action out of your bedroom and into the living room where you can see what’s happening on a large TV screen. Gamers should pay close attention to the DPI of the mouse. This stands for “dots per linear inch,” and the higher the DPI, the less you have to maneuver the mouse to move the cursor. A DPI of 10,000 to 20,000 DPI is ideal, but get one that allows you to adjust it, since you might want less sensitivity while playing games that require you to aim a digital gun.