Five Essentials You Need for the Perfect Day

A short selection of items you need to get your day off to a great start and finish.

While everyone’s definition of a perfect day may vary, bookending your day with activities that are both fun (to get you rolling) and soothing (to help you relax at the end of the day) can keep your spirits high and your energy levels soaring. Start you day with a good breakfast. Include the kids in the process to get some family time in before your workday begins, but set a few minutes aside at the end of the day just for yourself to relax, maybe sit outside to listen to the birds, and sip on something cool. Here are five items that will get your day off to a rip-roaring start and help you unwind when all the phone calls, e-mails, and virtual meetings are over.

Rich and Flavorful

This is perfect for those looking for a full-bodied beverage that can be made stronger or lighter to suit your taste. Peet’s Coffee

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There’s only one way to jumpstart your day and that’s with a great cup of coffee. Whole beans ground up fresh guarantee a great cup and the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee filling your kitchen is a nice way to get your day off to a great start. Look for blends that lean toward the darker side. These provide full flavor and can be brewed stronger, if you really need a big coffee taste to get you rolling, or brewed a little lighter to satisfy simpler tastes. Quality coffees provide their best flavor when used within 90 days of the day they are roasted so look for brands that state the “roast date” right on the package. Store your beans in an airtight container once the package is opened to retain the nice, oily richness of the beans.

A Double-Walled Cup

This will stand up to years of hard use, and your drink will stay warm from the first sip to the last. YETI

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Brewing a great cup of coffee is a waste if it cools off in a few minutes. Double-walled, vacuum-insulated cups made of rugged stainless steel are the answer. Stainless guarantees your cup will be BPA-free and the double-wall design will ensure that your cup never sweats and that your hands will never be scalded. Just make sure the cup you choose is dishwasher safe and that the lids are shatter resistant. Oversized handles are nice for those cooler mornings when you want to take your coffee out on your morning walk and you need to wear gloves.

Great for Induction Cooktops

This 10 ¼-inch tool allows for perfect non-stick cooking and can be used in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire. Lodge

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Nothing cooks better than cast iron when it comes to even heat distribution. They’re also over-safe for baking and easy to clean-up. Look for skillets that come pre-seasoned from the factory. When you’ve finished cooking your favorite pancakes or omelet, simply scrub the skillet out with a brush and hot water (no soap), wipe it dry, and “season” the cooking surface with a few drops of vegetable oil. Follow this simple clean-up and you’ll have a non-stick pan for life.

Perfect Recipe

It only takes two minutes to mix and three minutes to cook up the perfect meal. Keto and Co

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What better way to start your day than with pancakes made from scratch? Look for easy mixes that you can cook up quick. Pancake making is also fun to do with the kids. Set your cast iron fry pan on the flame. You’ll know the surface is hot enough for cooking pancakes when water droplets sprinkled on the surface dance around. Pancakes will rise and when most of the bubbles in the dough have burst, they’re ready to flip. Add berries, applesauce, cinnamon or chocolate chips, or just enjoy golden-brown pancakes on their own with maple syrup.

No Sweat Design

This 20-ounce item features rugged, double-walled construction to keep your favorite beverages icy cold. YETI

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When it comes to the end of a long day, nothing beats sitting quietly watching the sunset with your favorite beverage in hand. Want to avoid drinks that sweat all over your hands and don’t keep your drinks cold from start to finish? Invest in a quality stainless steel, vacuum-insulated tumbler. These are built to stand up to years of rugged use indoors or out. Look for tumblers that are tapered to fit in any size cupholder. Those that have outer coatings that are non-slip will help prevent drinks from slipping out of your hands and double-walled construction will ensure you favorite end-of-day beverage will stay icy cold all the way to sundown.