Three Exercise Mats for Supercharging Your Home Workouts

If you exercise at home, a comfortable mat can protect your floors while giving you a comfortable working surface at the same time.

foam rubber mat
Whether you prefer to use a personal mat or cover a floor in foam rubber, an exercise mat can protect you, your floor, and your gear from damage.BalanceForm

You don’t need much more than your own body and some motivation to get a good sweat on, but if you are working out at home, then one or more exercise mats can be a great investment in your joint heath and personal safety. From Pilates and weightlifting to calisthenics or martial arts, a basic foam mat gives you the platform to work out confidently and cleanly. Check out these three popular mat styles to find the one that is right for you.

Tri-Fold Mats

Foldable mats
Foldable mats are often thick but break down to a slim profile that’s easy to store.BalanceFrom

If you are searching for a multi-purpose mat that is rugged enough for tumbling or other high-impact exercises, look for a standard tri-fold mat in the range of one to two inches thick. They’re available in a wide variety of dimensions and are sturdy enough for the most vigorous workouts yet portable and easy to store.

Puzzle Mats

Interlocking mats
Interlocking mats fit together like puzzle pieces and are a great option if you want a somewhat permanent exercise floor.BalanceFrom

For a large, permanent workout room or irregularly shaped space, interlocking mats can be configured to accommodate any area. They are denser than tri-fold mats but still cushy enough for grappling, tumbling, or cross-training. Puzzle mats also are popular in workshops or anywhere you want to reduce the fatigue of standing for long periods of time.

Equipment Mats

Treadmill Mat
A simple PVC mat is ideal if you have things like free weights or other gear you don’t want to place directly on your floors.AmazonBasics

If you have heavy workout equipment in your home gym, such as free-weights, a resistance trainer, or a treadmill, protect your floors and keep the space hygienic with an equipment mat. While these high-density mats are fine for low-impact stretching or exercising, a “treadmill” mat is best suited as a buffer between your exercise space and the machine itself.