Many newer computers, especially small ones like laptops, are sorely lacking in the graphics department, relying on the dreaded onboard graphics chip. These are fine for simply streaming Netflix, but gaming or video editing? Forget it. Now there’s a solution.

With the ability to support three-slot-wide graphics cards, this product can handle even huge graphic processing loads. Razer

So who is an eGPU for? If you’ve invested in a great computer, and it’s doing everything you need except for gaming or video editing, an eGPU might be just what you need. Instead of replacing the entire computer, you can just plug in one of these boxes—with a graphics card inside, not usually included—and bam, instant upgrade.

This item gives you a way to attach multiple monitors or other displays to your device, so you can appreciate your upgraded graphics. StarTech

One thing to note about eGPUs is that they largely rely on Thunderbolt 3 to connect. Thunderbolt 3, a version of USB-C, is capable of conveying a tremendous amount of data really quickly, but not all computers support it. Check that yours does before you buy.

This enclosure can support multiple displays, and it contains a temperature-controlled fan that won’t get too loud. Sonnet

Another important thing to remember about eGPUs is that they’re quite large, especially if you’re using them with a tiny computer like a laptop. The cards that these enclosures contain are big, and need cooling, so don’t expect your eGPU to be unnoticeable on your desk. That said, there’s absolutely no easier way to get high-end graphical performance on your computer—and in many cases, it’s the only way.