Eyeglass Cleaners for Sparkling Lenses

Quick and easy ways to clear fingerprints and smudges

If your usual glasses cleaning method is a combination of breathing on them and rubbing with the hem of your shirt, prepare to be amazed at the way that a microfiber cloth, a dedicated wipe and some lens cleaning solution can revolutionize your life—and your sight.

On-The-Go Convenience

Individually wrapped, disposable towelettes that are pre-moistened and non-abrasive. Zeiss

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The easiest option when it comes to lens cleaners is a pre-moistened wipe. You can buy in bulk, slip them into your purse or pocket for clean-ups while you’re on the move and throw them out when you’re done.

Hi-Tech Fabric

Specialized, lint-free material removes dust, oil, smudges and fingerprints. MagicFiber

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If you don’t like the idea of disposables, look for a microfiber cloth instead. This material has millions of microscopic fibers that attract particles of dirt and grease, lifting them off the surface and holding them so they don’t smear back on. These fibers basically work like little squeegees, leaving the surface spotless.

Cleaning Solution Included

Microfiber cloth and spritz solution that’s safe for all lenses—even those with anti-reflective or blue light coatings. Koala Lifestyle

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If a dry cloth isn’t cutting it for you, look for a kit that packages microfiber cloths with a solution specifically designed for lenses. This is especially important if your lenses have an anti-reflection coating, as some cleaning fluids can be damaging. And remember, most lens cleansing products for glasses can also be used on camera lenses, computers, tablets and smartphones, as well.