Eyeglass Cleaners to Keep Your Lenses Smear- and Streak-Free

Get ready to see more clearly than ever.

So you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses that frame your face beautifully and give you remarkable visual clarity. Now how do you keep your windows to the world clean and smudge-free? Napkins and paper towels are rough on lenses and can leave lint and scratches behind. Blowing warm air or spitting on your eyeglasses and then rubbing them on your shirt won’t do either. Even recommended home-made remedies can be hit and miss. Fortunately, there are more-reliable eyeglass cleaner options: liquid solutions, microfiber cleaning cloths, and moist wipes that can clear things up quickly. Here are our picks.

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This advanced product works by decreasing the amount of static on your specs, which reduces the amount of airborne debris that lands on the surface. Peeps

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Warm water and a drop of dishwashing detergent can work wonders on dirty glasses, but this isn’t always a viable solution. If you’re out and about or in a place where you don’t have access to water and Palmolive, pre-prepared liquid sprays can get your eyewear spotless. Most are made of distilled water and denatured alcohol, the latter of which evaporates quickly and doesn’t streak. If your lenses contain protective-coating, look for an alcohol-free cleaning solution that won’t damage them.

Gentle but Effective

This ammonia-free product doesn’t leave streaks or scratches, and it has only a 40 percent alcohol content. Care Touch

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Microfiber cleaning cloths work in tandem with liquid solutions to keep eyeglasses spotless and are considerably more gentle on lenses than paper or clothing. The cloths effectively dry the lenses while trapping oils to prevent smearing. Just be sure to still wash your glasses often using clean water and lotion-free dishwashing liquid, and always let them air-dry.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

This item is anti-reflective and anti-glare, and it can be used on pretty much any kind of eyewear, even mirrored sunshades. Koala Lifestyle

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Individually packaged cleaning wipes combine the functions of liquid solutions and microfiber cloths in one disposable product. They work a lot like face wipes, only they include a cleaning solution that’s appropriate for eyeglasses. In order to prevent scratching, be sure to blow debris from the lenses before you start wiping.