Doesn’t it feel like sometimes a stray hair grows to an inch-long overnight? Don’t get caught in that situation again—pop a small, discreet facial hair remover into your go-bag or glovebox instead.

Editors’ Pick

Battery powered, you’ll always be able to find power on the road for this product. Plus, batteries are included. Amazon

This pocket-sized hair removal tool might be small, but it packs a powerful microblade technology that leaves skin smooth in seconds. The blades never even touch your skin so you can use it without using water or shaving cream—which makes it ideal for on-to-go use. It’s whisper quiet, completely painless and can be used every day if needed! No wonder it’s such a fan favorite.

Budget Pick

With a detachable top, you can easily pop it off and give it a scrub. Amazon

So-called “lipstick” shavers should be used in a circular motion. Gently press against the skin and move in small circles to remove unwanted hair in that area. When finished, be sure to unscrew the top and tap out the hair to keep things clean and working well.

Versatile Option

With a standard USB charger, you’ll always be topped off. Amazon

One really great bonus about a multi-tool is that you don’t have to have separate shavers to deal with your mustache, chin hairs, noise fluff and eyebrows. Especially useful if you have very little storage space or travel often.

Manual Choice

With an ultrafine blade, this item is super versatile. Amazon

Using a mini blade on a handle, dermaplaning gently exfoliates the surface of the skin as it eliminates peach fuzz and baby hairs. With a little practice, this tiny tool also doubles as an eyebrow shaper.