Fake Fireplaces for an Instant Coziness Upgrade

Curl up in front of the fireplace, even if your house wasn’t built with one.

You don’t need a real fire to add the warmth and rustic feeling of a fireplace to any living area. Consider which of the three types of fake fireplaces will work best for your home.

Extra Storage

Room for your television, media players, game consoles and more. Ameriwood Home

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Free-standing fireplaces take up floor space but are easy to install. If space is at a premium in your place, look for one with added storage so it can work double duty for you.

Authentic Audio

This heater includes an adjustable thermostat, noises of wood burning and lifelike logs for an authentic experience. PuraFlame

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Do you already have a built-in fireplace that you never bother to use? An insert can provide all the comfort of a real fire without the upkeep. Start it up with the press of a button, and get the warmth of a flame without the hassle of ash and smoke.

Modern Coziness

LEDs let you match the color of your room and/or mood. Comes with remote control and touchscreen interface. R.W.FLAME

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Wall-mounted fireplaces provide the benefits of a fireplace wherever your imagination allows. They provide a snuggly atmosphere for your family without taking up any additional floor space.