Floor lamps can serve a variety of different purposes: decoration, reading lamps, wide illumination, and much more. Be sure the lamp has the right amount of intensity you are looking for, and also that it mixes well with the other furniture you have in your space. There are some additional features that you may enjoy having in your lamp. They include a timer, a shelving unit, and a dimming feature. Here’s some guidance on how to find the one that’s just right for your home.


In case you forget to turn off your lamp, a timer will come in handy. Miroco

We have all had those days where we forgot to turn off the lights. Which isn’t a problem once in a while, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it can be a problem for your wallet and for the environment. Thankfully floor lamps exist that come with a 60-minute timer. This means they will automatically shut off an hour after turning on, so you aren’t wasting energy when the lamp isn’t in use.


If you’re short on storage space, kill two birds with one stone with a lamp that has a shelf built in. Simple Designs Home

Not everyone has the luxury of space in their home, and thus it becomes important to maximize the amount of space you do have. That means cutting corners where you can. When it comes to lamps, find a lamp that also doubles as a shelving unit. Have a place to store books, trinkets, anything else you want to put on display and be able to brighten up your space with the purchase of just one floor lamp.

Dimmer Settings

Set different moods with just one floor lamp. Brightech

If you need to do some work, you want your floor lamp to be bright. If you want to watch a movie, you want your floor lamp to be dim. That can cause some issues when trying to find a floor lamp that can do both. Thanks to a dimming feature that exists in some lamps, you can have both bright and dim in one. Some floor lamps come with an LED bulb that can generate some serious light that makes it the only light you need in your room, and that same lamp can also dim to be the perfect mood light when you need it. Dimmed bulbs also require less energy, which can save you a few pennies on your power bill.