Three Features to Look for in a Wall Mount for Your TV

Get ready to hang your television like a work of art.

A TV hanging on the wall offers more of a cinematic experience than one sitting on a table. It also opens up space in the living room or bedroom. Here’s how to find a mount to enhance your front-row viewing experience.

20-Minute Installation

Removable arms make this compatible with most sets and easy to face in any direction. PERLESMITH

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A stationary wall mount will work just fine if you always watch TV while sitting in the same spot. If you host a get-together where people congregate in different parts of the room, swiveling and tilting allow for viewing from pretty much anywhere in the room. They also let you angle the TV to avoid the glare of sunny days.

Low Profile

It’s made of heavy-gauge steel and is compatible with a variety of mounting hole patterns, from 4-by-4 to 16-by-16. VideoSecu

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An arm that allows a hanging television to extend from the wall is useful when you need to be closer to it to read subtitles or if you want to plug an HDMI or USB cable into the back of the set. You’ll be thankful not to have to worry about accidentally dropping it while trying to connect it to your laptop.


Capable of holding more weight, this also comes with an extra-long wall plate for easier centering as well as cable ties, a six-foot HDMI cable and a bubble level. Mounting Dream

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The one downside of hanging your TV on a wall mount is that you won’t be able to hide the wires from your DVD or Blu-Ray player, Roku modem and game console behind a table. You may not be able to achieve a completely cordless look, but you can maintain a streamlined one with tubing or a wall-mounted cord cover to hide wires in plain sight.