Whether your kid is an avid gamer, enrolled in online classes or spends a large portion of their day listening to music or joining video calls with friends, a good pair of headphones is essential for them to hear and be heard. These are the key features to consider.

The LED design flashes according to the music’s frequency. Riwbox

Get your child pumped up for online homework (well, as pumped up as they can be) with vivid headphones with a cool LED design. A Bluetooth-equipped pair lets kids get their wiggles out while still paying attention—they stay in range anywhere in the room.

Ergonomic Fit

Improve voice clarity with this pair. Pacrate

A noise-cancelling mic will amplify your kid’s voice when they talk to teachers or friends. An adjustable 120-degree mic can be positioned up and down to better amplify your child’s voice.

Budget Pick

Great for siblings. Mpow

When shopping for kids’ headphones, comfort is a must. The ears and headband should be padded to relieve tech fatigue, and it’s important to moderate the volume too. Look for a pair that caps out between 85-91dB, which will block out surrounding noise without hurting sensitive ears.