Three Features You Need in an Electronic Basketball Game

An electronic basketball game at home can entertain you and your friends for hours.

Rainy days, snow days, lazy afternoons with nothing to do—those are the times when the electronic basketball game comes to the rescue. And we’re not talking just about your kids.

Essentially a cloth ramp built on a frame with one or two downsized basketball hoops mounted on the high end, an electronic basketball game is like having a huge arcade game at home. You can play it by yourself with one other person, or as teams. The balls roll back to you after each throw so you can shoot again, and scores are recorded and tallied automatically.

There are many types of electronic basketball games on the market, but no matter which one you get, make sure it has the following three features. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, invest in a game that has two hoops instead of one. Even if you’re planning on getting a game for just one person, it will soon become apparent that more than one person will want to play.

Hardy Frame

The one-on-one challenge has 1 1/2-inch thick tubes and is very sturdy. Rally and Roar

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Electronic basketball games are part sport, part game, and with balls flying around and players grabbing and throwing them, the device is going to get pushed, shoved, and knocked into. Don’t spend money on a game with a flimsy frame—it’ll move and shift around too easily, impacting everyone’s enjoyment.


Some setups have settings for two or more players. Pop-A-Shot

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While it’s easy to play a straight-up competition—whoever gets the most baskets wins—invest in a game that gives you a selection of games to play. That will extend everyone’s playing time, and make it more fun and challenging for everyone. Make sure yours has game options for one player as well as two.

Tracks Points

This setup features infrared hoop sensors for keeping score. Pop-A-Shot

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You don’t want arguments erupting among players about a possible error in scoring. While most electronic basketball games have integrated scoring systems, look for one that records each shot automatically. Games that use infrared sensors to detect successful shots are the most reliable and least prone to breakage. Game on!