Three Fertilizer Considerations for Your Hydroponic System

Growing plants in a hydroponic system is not difficult, and you can accelerate the plant’s growth with the right water treatments.

You’re trying hydroponics for the first time, or maybe you’ve been using hydroponics, but your plants aren’t responding like you thought they would. You’re certain your fertilizer system needs help, but you’re a bit concerned about growing the basil that ate the Bronx or those carnivorous tomatoes out in Roswell that you read about on the Internet. To help, here are three factors to consider when choosing a fertilizer system for your hydroponics projects.

Highly Purified Concentrates

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The beauty of hydroponics is you can design a fertilizing system specific to the plants you want to grow, and adjust it based on the plant growth stage (flowering, setting fruit, etc). Plenty of support exists on the Internet and elsewhere to help you research this. Then purchase the recommended fertilizer and other additives optimum for the plants you want to grow.

Fast-acting Fertilizer

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Typically, liquid fertilizers are pre-mixed to specifications and are thus less complicated to use than dry fertilizers, which may require more mixing. However, liquid fertilizers are heavier and more costly to ship.

Works With All Growing Mediums

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Once you’ve consulted with the research to determine the optimum levels of growth nutrients needed for your plants, mix your fertilizers and add it to your hydroponics system according to the directions. You should monitor pH, salts levels, and other factors with a meter or other testing device and adjust accordingly.