Three Keys to Finding Your Next One-piece Swimsuit

Some people dread shopping for a new bathing suit, but with the right approach, it can be a fun experience.

How do you shop for the right one-piece swimsuit? There are some tricks. First, you need to set aside some time. Don’t buy the first one you find. Second, once you order a few, give them a test around the house in private where no one will see. Third, be open to new prints and styles, and your swimsuit shopping experience should be much more pleasant.

Careful with the SPF!

An asymmetric design means asymmetric tan lines, so be careful! Hilor

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, finding the right one-piece swimsuit won’t happen in an hour. When shopping online for a swimsuit, carve out a chunk of time in your schedule to find the top-rated suits, and the ones with the best reviews. Read articles by people who have a body type similar to yours and the bathing suits they prefer the most. Go in with somewhat of a plan rather than just hoping for the best.

Padded Push-Up Bra

Surprise: You can get burned through translucent and transparent materials, so don’t skip the sunscreen on the chest and décolletage. Tempt Me

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After ordering your bathing suits, take time to try them on. That means more than putting one on and staring in the mirror. It means walking around the house, doing some dances, and trying some stretches to see how the one-piece swimsuit moves with your body. Check to make sure the straps stay up. Make sure the top doesn’t drop down too low when you bend over and the area for your legs is comfortable.

Hand-Wash & Hang-Dry

Treat this as you would your delicates. CUPSHE

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Shopping for a new swimsuit means it’s time to get a bit adventurous! Try out a flashy pattern. Try a different cut you’ve never worn before. One-piece bathing suits are meant to be fun and make you feel confident, so try out new things. Also, note that bathing suits usually run smaller than dresses, so don’t worry if you find yourself sizing up your swimwear.