Four Advantages of Riding a Fixed-gear Bike

Fixies are simple, easy to maintain, and a blast to pedal.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity,” Albert Einstein once said. While the world’s most famous theoretical physicist may not have been referring to fixed-gear bikes, many “fixie” fans agree with the sentiment. A fixed-gear bike brings bicycling down to its most basic level. With no sprockets other than one at the pedal and one at the rear wheel, fixies offer several advantages to the bike rider, with these four being paramount.

Fixies Require Little Maintenance

The Golden Cycles fixed-gear bike is available in 16 color combinations. Golden

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Fewer sprockets also means that fixies are devoid of the derailleurs and associated levers and cables that mark multiple-gear bikes. Such simplicity means there are fewer parts to lubricate, adjust, and monitor. That also means that there’s less to go wrong on a fixie, which means less to worry about.

A Fixie Workout

The Retrospec Harper fixed-gear bike features a reversible hub, so you can ride fixed or turn it into a coaster bike. Retrospec

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If the rear wheel is turning on a fixed-gear bike, the pedals are turning. That means that your legs are constantly in motion when riding a fixie. In this regard, they’re similar to track bikes, which are used in bicycle races. There’s no coasting as on other bikes—although some fixed-gear bikes have a reversible hub that allows you to coast. All you need to do is remove the rear wheel, turn it around, and reattach.

They’re Inexpensive

The zoyo fixie bike has a stylish design. zoyo

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Fewer parts equates to a lower price. Most all fixies are less than $500, and a great many cost less than $300. Some are less than $200.

Fixies are Fun to Ride

The Schwinn Kedzie fixed-gear bike has a lightweight frame and weighs only 31 pounds. Schwinn

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Fixed-gear bikes are lightweight and very nimble. You can maneuver much more easily on a fixie compared to other bicycle styles. The pedaling is smooth efficient, and consistent. Many converts say that fixies put the fun back into bike riding.