Floor Steamers for Gleaming Tile and Hardwood

For when you want to go one better than mopping.

Why just clean your home when you could steam clean your home? Whether your floors are hardwood or tile, a steam cleaner can be quicker, more efficient and even cheaper in the long run than using a regular mop—and the best are highly versatile devices that can be used all over the house.

High Temperature

Entry level option for all types of surfaces. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY

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Steam cleaners work in a similar way to irons or kettles, in that they have a water reservoir that you fill up and then an electricity-powered heating element gradually heats up the water, generating steam. This steam is then directed down a tube, and targets the area to be cleaned. Steam eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, with no need for any cleaning products, while dust and dirt is picked up by the dampened pad.

Great For Messes

Comes with scrubbing pad for hard-to-shift messes, as well as fragrance discs to scent your home while you clean. Bissell

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When purchasing your steam cleaner, bear in mind that the larger the water reserve is, the longer you’ll be able to clean without needing to refill it. So, if you have a large home, it might make sense to opt for a steamer with a bigger tank. However, the larger the tank and the more water it holds, the heavier it will be when full, so factor that in too when you’re making your decision.

Super Versatile

Various modes, and the fact you can separate the device into smaller sections, mean more scrubbing options for multiple surfaces. PurSteam

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You’ll find some steamers have a function that allows you to detach a section of it so it transforms from an upright mop-style cleaner into a handheld device. This means you get a lot more versatility and, using a variety of attachments, can steam clean more than just the floors. The most sophisticated give you options for cleaning work surfaces, walls, windows, mirrors and even using it as a handheld garment steamer.