Fun and Effective Ways to Zap Bugs

You’ll feel like a superhero wielding these powerful pest killers.

Running around smacking bugs with a rolled-up magazine is so old school. Why not zap the pesky little buggers with a laser gun instead? Or perhaps you’d prefer a high-voltage tennis racket? Either way, these zappers are a whole lot more fun and potent than traditional bug-killing methods.

Powerful and Non-Toxic

This baby is accurate within 3 feet of pests. Bug-A-Salt

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Channel your inner Indiana Jones by stealthing around the house with this impressive bug gun. While it may seem extreme, it doesn’t use harsh chemicals or sprays that many insecticides do. All it requires is a pinch of ordinary table salt, and the pests are eliminated.

Perfect Your Aim

Battery included, so you can use it straight from the box. Cosy Meadow

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If you need a little target practice, attach this laser pointer to your bug gun. The bright red laser beam makes it easy to spot creepy crawlers day or night, and the clicker knobs adjust to zero in on your prey.

Cause a Racket

Swipe out multiple insects at once. Black Flag

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If mosquitos swarm to your deck or flies circle your kitchen like magnets, the large surface area and high voltage of this racket will eliminate them all in one fell swoop. Rest easy, skeeters.