If you want to grow a beard, you simply stop shaving, right? Well, that’s the first step, but certainly not the only one. Legions of men have gone through the exercise of not shaving for a couple of weeks, witnessed the results, and marched right to the sink with razor and shaving cream in hand.

Growing a beard isn’t just like letting the hair on your scalp grow. First, facial hair is different from scalp hair. Second, you need to nurture your beard. Third, you need to maintain it properly. Here are three tips for getting the kind of beard you want—not simply the one that sprouts from your face.

Make Your Beard Grow

Beard Grow XL is a supplement that’s formulated to help stimulate facial har growth. Delta Genesis

Whiskers are dependent upon testosterone to grow, and to make your body produce testosterone, you need to keep it functioning well. Eat healthy foods and take a vitamin and mineral supplement to make sure you’re getting everything your body needs to push out whiskers all over your face—and not just where they’re currently growing.

Make Your Beard Comfortable

Beard oil uses natural ingredients to soften whiskers and condition skin. Honest Amish

Whiskers are different from scalp hair. The follicles are thick, wiry, sharp, and often curly. They can turn and rub against your face, making it itchy and very uncomfortable. Additionally, now that you’re not shaving, you’re not applying moisturizers (which are added to shaving creams) to your face on a regular basis—which, ironically, leads to dryer skin (it’s not uncommon to develop “beardruff” when you grow your whiskers). Use a beard oil on a regular basis to keep your beard soft and comfortable, and your skin hydrated.

Make Your Beard Look Great.

A well-rounded beard kit should include a boar’s hairbrush, comb, barber scissors, oils, conditioners, and a beard guide to help you keep your beard in perfect shape. FULLLIGHT TECH

Rare is the man who grows whiskers evenly everywhere on his face. Rarer still is the man who was also born with such perfect facial features that he can simply let his entire beard grow without touching up sections of it to keep it looking consistent, and unless you’re going for the ZZ Top look, you’ll need to trim your beard regularly. Invest in a brush, comb, and scissors that are specially made for maintaining beards to keep yours looking good.