Handheld Voice Recorders You Can Depend On

Never again worry again about missing a single word, and replay to your heart’s content.

Put this one in the “things you didn’t realize you needed” column. Handheld voice recorders are standard issue for certain professions, like journalism, but they can actually help regular Joes and Joannes in their daily life too. Ever attended an important business meeting and realized afterward that you’d forgotten everything your boss said? Ever wanted to save your baby’s babbling for posterity? Ever thought about starting your own podcast? With one affordable voice recorder, you’re ready to roll.

Compatible With Multiple Devices

Easy to use and comes with helpful features like time stamping, so you don’t have to rewind and fast-forward for all eternity. EVISTR

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Though you’ll undoubtedly use your recorder for lots of different things, think about the features that are most important to you before you invest. Some mini recorders include noise cancellation, while others are voice-activated so you never have to hit “record.” And think about size and portability, too: Voice recorders range from about the size of a Saltine cracker all the way up to 4 or 5 inches long.

Smart Design

This one is super discreet—it’s tiny and emits no light when it’s on—plus, it’s light and is designed to work for an entire day. atto digital

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Legal statutes around recording phone calls and in-person conversations vary by state, so if you’re planning to use your device to capture audio without asking for permission, be sure to consult your own state’s laws. You may legally be required to inform the person you’re speaking to that they’re being recorded.

Multiple Storage Folders

If you plan to use your gadget for different projects, pick one with an organizational system. And think about whether components like encryption and smart battery detection are important to you. EVIDA

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If you’re still wondering whether you really need a voice recorder, consider this: Many models can double as an MP3 player, so you’re getting more bang for your buck than you realize.