Sturdy Hands-Free Phone Mounts for Your Car

Have your GPS and use it safely, too!

Smartphones have made navigating the road easier than ever, but they’ve also added new distractions to our commutes. A 2017 study found that nearly a quarter of auto crashes occurred while or shortly after a driver was using their smartphone. Fortunately, hands-free phone mounts for your car have never been easier to find or use. Here are three things to consider before hitting the road with one of your own.

Sturdy design with broad device compatibility. Can rotate 360 degrees. Beam Electronics

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Oh, the places your hands-free phone mount can go! Start by considering where you’d like to install it. Windshield phone mounts keep the phone at the driver’s eye level, but they can also obstruct the view outside. Dashboard mounts are within easy access of the driver and front-seat passenger, which is ideal for driving with a companion. Easily removed vent mounts are probably best for drivers who only occasionally use a phone mount, like while driving out of town.

Telescopic arm for a variety of viewing positions. iOttie

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Around 44% of Americans upgrade their smartphone every two years. If you’re one of them, consider investing in a handsfree phone mount that can accommodate various phone models and sizes. This is also important if you share your vehicle with other family members who might have different phones.

Boosts battery without plugging any cables into your phone, even if you have a case. Topwan

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A car phone mount can look super sleek, but if it’s not easy to get your phone in and out multiple times per day, then it’s probably not right for you. Consider looking for a model with a simple lock and release function that you can use with one hand. If you use a protective phone case, make sure your mount can accommodate it, so you won’t have to remove the case before starting your drive.