High-Tech Essential-Oil Diffusers to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Increase the Zen of your den (and bedroom and living room) with the scent of calming oils.

Finding a signature scent you love can help make your house a home. Plus, most essential oil diffusers these days also double as humidifiers, so you can shove that clunky old thing with a dirty filter in the closet and instead use one of these twofers.

Made from BPA-free plastic, this plug-in style features wave-diffusion technology for a fine, atomized mist. Comes with small amber vials of eucalyptus, tea tree, spearmint and lemongrass. Pure Daily Care

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To get more bang for your buck, look for an oil diffuser with extras, like ambient light settings, which up the relaxation factor and help save energy when used as your primary source of illumination. And choose an ultrasonic model if you prefer something quiet. Hello, at-home spa experience.

Compact design that’s just right on a nightstand or dresser; plus relaxing ambient light. InnoGear

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Some people swear by humidifiers to help soothe dry sinuses and stuffiness during the night. If you plan to sleep with a combo diffuser-humidifier on, look for a model with an automatic shutoff function so you don’t have to worry about it overheating while you doze.

Don’t you hate it when you want to switch from “high mist” to “low mist” and you’re all the way across the room? Problem solved! You can control this baby from afar—it’s as easy as pushing a button. RENWER

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Consider where you want your diffuser (e.g. bedroom vs. living room) before purchasing to ensure you select the right dimensions. For example, a 500-milliliter-capacity model is great for a living room; something smaller is right for a space that’s, well, smaller!

This whimsical style shoots out microfine particles and adds moisture without creating heat or making a peep—perfect if you’re noise-averse. RR ROUND RICH DESIGN

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When is it a diffuser not just a diffuser? When it’s so cute and quirky that it’s also a design element in your home. If you plan to keep yours on display, it should be something that goes with your aesthetic and makes you happy to look at!