Two cups of coffee surrounding by coffee beans
For most people, the day doesn’t start until they’ve had a cup of coffee. HadinEEon HadinEEon

If you’re tired of spending $5 or more on a cup of store-bought coffee that may or may not meet your expectations on any given day, take back control over your daily indulgence by investing in quality coffee-making equipment. Granted, you might have to wake up 10 minutes earlier to allow for the time it’ll take to brew your own perfect cup, but that’s what caffeine is for, right?

Make quick work of beans with 15 different settings to get your perfect cup no matter how you brew it. OXO

A solid cup of coffee starts with freshly ground beans—never pre-ground—for maximum flavor extraction. The best way to ensure a consistently delicious brew day after day is to use uniform grounds that you get with a conical burr grinder. Many of the best grinders offer multiple ground-size settings, from fine for espresso to coarse for a French press.

Old-School Brew

This vacuum-layered stainless-steel carafe keeps java hot longer than traditional glass options. Coffee Gator

Drip. Pour over. Espresso machine. Percolator. The ways to turn hot water and grounds into coffee are numerous, and each has its benefits. If you want to control as many variables in the coffee-making process as possible, opt for a French press. The lack of a paper filter means more of the flavor-rich oils from the beans end up in your cup. Making coffee with a French press might be more labor intensive than using a standard drip machine, but for many it’s a labor of love.

Completes Your Beverage

Whether you like a lot or a little, this baby finishes off your cafe au lait, macchiato and everything in between. HadinEEon

If cappuccinos, lattes, or flat whites are your jam, a quality milk frother is a must. Some units are capable of producing either hot or cold milk foam for greater versatility in crafting your caffeinated concoctions.