How to Choose a Surge Protector for Your RV

Your gadgets and devices will thank you!

Just like you might use a surge protector to safely plug in your computer or other major electronics at home, an RV power surge protector provides the same peace of mind in your portable home away from home. And since you’re often plugging into an unknown power supply at campgrounds, you need that extra insurance and protection—an RV surge protector absorbs unsafe voltages before they reach your devices and cause damage. Here’s what you need to know when making this essential purchase!

Designed for Outdoor Use

This item is weather-resistant and can operate in temperatures from -40ºF to 221ºF. Includes a security locking bracket. Progressive Industries

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RV surge protectors come in 30-Amps and 50-Amps. So how do you know what is the right amount of power for your RV? Just look at the plug of your rig’s power cord and you’ll find either four prongs or three prongs. Three prongs? You have a 30-amp rig. Four prongs? You have a 50-amp rig.

Universal Fit

Automatically shuts down and sends notifications to your smartphone in the event of a dangerous electric incident. Features a smart circuit analyzer. Hughes Autoformers

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Did you know that low voltage can cause the same damage as high voltage? Say you’re at a crowded campground during some very hot weather and every RV is running a big A/C to cool off. That can cause the power supply to become too low. If your RV doesn’t get enough voltage, your electronics are toast. Look for a surge protector that not only detects low voltage, but also automatically shuts off the power to your rig so the worst won’t occur.

Safeguards Against Wiring Issues

This has diagnostic LEDs that indicate faults when you connect your electrical cord to the power pedestal. It will automatically disconnect if energy levels get too low or high, then reconnect once it has been restored. Camco

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A portable RV surge protector is a great option if you don’t own your RV and are renting each season. That way you can stow it away when you’re not traveling—just check that it has a security lock or feature to prevent theft.