How to Choose the Best Under Desk Foot Rest

Start your workday on the right foot rest.

An ergonomic chair isn’t the only way to take your comfort up a notch at work. Give yourself a pick-me-up with an under the desk foot rest that can improve circulation and blood flow in your legs and feet, encourage active sitting and better posture, or even give your tootsies a much-needed massage. Here’s how to find the perfect one.

Stays In Place

Cushioning that can be used in a flat or rocking position. Everlasting Comfort

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Variety is the spice of life, and it’s great for posture and circulation, too. A great under desk foot rest doesn’t just elevate feet—it also allows more active sitting. Experts recommend models that easily tilt, rock or swivel, so you can stretch and move your body throughout the day. Just make sure yours has a non-slip bottom, so it’s not sliding around on the floor.

Great Texture

Adjustable settings with a pebbled surface for massage. Mind Reader

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Under the desk foot rests come in a variety of materials, so you might want to consider shopping around and trying a few. Smaller memory foam models are versatile and easy to use outside of work, like on long flights or even while lying down at home. Sturdier plastic models often come with textured surfaces that can massage the pressure points in your stocking feet.

Elevation Relief

The slightly stiff foam in this product is hypoallergenic, and the cover can be unzipped and tossed in a washing machine. Trobing

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Adjustable desks have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you use one regularly—or are trying to get into the habit—don’t worry, there’s still an under desk foot rest for you. Some are designed to transition from sitting to standing, with shock-absorbing materials that take weight and pressure off your lower back and legs, so you can work hard and stand easy.