How To Choose The Right Green Bug Repellant For Your Family

Bugs be gone.

A relaxing evening outside can be spoiled at the start by mosquitos, horseflies, and other pesky insects that bite or swarm. Before you reach for the standard DEET-based bug repellent or seek shelter indoors, consider a more natural option. Whether you’re looking for localized coverage on your body, or a broader spectrum that shields an area of space around you, there is a great green bug repellant for your lifestyle. Keep reading to find out more.

Portable and Silent

This gadget creates a bug-free bubble, 15 feet in diameter. Thermacell

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If you aren’t a fan of bug sprays, or wearing extra things on your person to divert bugs, there’s hope! Look for small machines, citronella-based candles or other environmental repellents that create a forcefield around your personal space to keep the bugs at bay.

Aromatherapy Protection

Thanks to lemongrass and citrus notes, pests will hate this product. Bug Soother

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Essential oils like lemongrass, citronella, vanilla and cedar naturally repel bugs. If you prefer to apply your natural bug protection directly to your skin or clothing, look for a spray that contains a powerful aromatherapy-based punch. But be aware that you will have to reapply to skin more frequently than a lotion-based repellent.

Surprisingly Stylish

Slip one of these on your ankle or wrist—or both if you are especially prone to bites—and enjoy your time outside. Mosquito Guard

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If you don’t want the hassle of applying bug repellent, try an easy to use natural bug repellent bracelet or sticker. They’re straightforward to use, provide the same level of protection as traditional bug repellent options, and are especially effective for impatient kiddos who squirm away from sprays.