How to Find the Perfect Pair of Men’s Jeans

A comfortable, durable pair of jeans might just be the most important piece of clothing in any man’s closet.

A comfortable pair of jeans is the jack of all trades in any man’s wardrobe. From work to play, there is a jean style for every occasion. But you wouldn’t wear your best stone-washed denim to a construction site any more than you’d show up in a pair of painter pants at the holiday office party. Dress them up or tone them down, jeans are the most indispensable article of clothing since Adam’s fig leaf, and they aren’t likely to find you in nearly as much trouble. Here are a few tips for choosing the right style.

Multiple Washes

You can’t go wrong with this OG pick. Levi’s

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Many major jeans manufacturers offer an original- or regular-fit product. This typically means a straight-cut leg on a relaxed, five-pocket pant with either a zippered or button fly. When in doubt about which of the myriad jeans styles will fit you best, it’s hard to go wrong with any pair marketed as original fit.

Legacy Brand

This pair is designed so the cuffs don’t bind around large footwear. Levi’s

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A bit of flair at the cuff is not just homage to the Age of Aquarius, mood rings, and tie dye, it’s the functional choice for any man who spends the majority of his day or night in a pair of cowboy boots or similar footwear. Boot-cut jeans can range from rugged to fashionable depending upon personal style and the finish of the fabric (unwashed, stonewashed, distressed, etc.).

100% Cotton

If you need to carry tools or other odds and ends while working, get pants with plenty of pockets and loops. Dickies

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A pair of five-pocket jeans is fine for any workplace that involves physical labor, but a carpenter pant of either denim or canvas duck cloth is even more practical. You’ll get a couple of extra cargo pockets that are perfect for scribing tools, utility knives, or smartphones, along with a handy loop offering quick access to your hammer, T-square, bevel gauge, or other oft-used implements.

Also Consider:


This pair is tight and form fitting. Levi’s

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Comfy & Stylish

This pair is suited for chores or a night on the town. Wrangler

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