Having to fix a flat tire on a vehicle is a nuisance at best. More typically, words like “harrowing,” “miserable,” and “soul-crushing” apply, as other vehicles whiz by at 60 mph, rain pours down, and you curse yourself for letting your roadside assistance membership lapse. Make quick work of this never-enjoyable task with these three tools.

Lug Wrench

This cross wrench works with 17mm (11/16′), 19mm (3/4′), 21mm (13/16′), and 22mm (7/8′) lugs. Cartman

Let’s face it: Most lug wrenches that come with vehicles can be a pain to use. Often, they’re too short to allow for good cranking leverage and can be tough to handle when wet. Upgrade in this department with a quality cross wrench with an anti-slip handle.

Plug Kit

This kit comes with 30 brown plug cords for a lifetime of tire repairs. Boulder Tools

Plugging a puncture requires heavy-duty tools, so don’t skimp on a kit with flimsy pliers and t-handles. And there’s little point in owning more than one tire repair kit, so be sure to choose one that will work not just on your car tires, but also motorcycles, trailers, lawnmowers, and anything else you own that rides on radial tires.

Air Support

Just say no to changing tires with a combo repair kit that allows you to plug the leak on your flat and air up again. Slime

A repair kit that combines both a tire inflator and sealant mean never having to drag the jack and spare out of the trunk again. Just apply the sealant, re-inflate the tire and you’re on the road again in no time.