How to Keep Your Garden Weed Free

Grow the best herbs and vegetables you’ve ever tasted with the help of a few simple tools.

Weeding’s easy, right? Just grab that latest toxic brew and your trusty sprayer or spreader, and watch those weeds wilt—and your tomatoes if you overspray, and your lawn turning yellow if you mis-measure, not to mention what it might be doing to your insides as you breathe, eat, or absorb it through your skin. Or, with these tools and a little sweat equity, you can have a healthy lawn and veggies without the poison. Try this weeding torch, mulch-maker, and an ergonomically designed weeder to help keep your garden and lawn weed-free.

Weeding Torch

This propane torch is an effective tool for spot weeding, as well as many other applications. Bernzomatic

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For attacking individual weeds like thistle or dandelion, you need a torch that’s hot, focused, lightweight, and easy to turn on and off. Burning weeds will kill them while leaving soil intact and help return a weed’s dead leaves back to the soil. This trigger-operated torch offers a high-intensity flame that’s narrow and precise enough to spot weeds without heating adjacent plants. An additional searing attachment enables you to treat weed patches more effectively.

Electric Garden Mulcher

Use this garden tool to create healthy much from leaves. WORX

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Every gardener knows the best way to combat weeds is to prevent them in the first place, and the best strategy is using quality mulch. Healthy mulching not only prevents weeds from growing up through it, as the mulch decomposes it improves the soil and adds valuable nutrients. This well-designed and easy to use electric mulcher shreds leaves and other light organic waste to make a delightful mulch medium to cover your garden.

Weeding Hand Tool

The CobraHead weeding tool is ergonomically designed for digging and edging. CobraHead

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Sooner or later you’ll need a hand tool that removes weeds. This CobraHead weeding tool has a nifty design that not only cuts out the weeds, it does so with an ergonomic design to minimize backache or kneeling. It’s durable, well-built and remove at the root, preventing the weed from growing back.