No mattress lasts forever, but with the right protective cover, you can help yours outlive its expected lifespan by several years. It’s a worthwhile investment that can keep a mattress from getting soiled, stained or ripped as well as shield it from liquid, allergens and bed bugs.

The smooth cotton terry surface absorbs fluids without trapping air and heat, keeping the bed cool and dry. SafeRest

The best mattress protectors have a layer of performance fabric on top to wick away heat and moisture and keep things cool under the covers. This is not a feature of all mattress covers, but whatever type you choose, there should be two non-negotiables: it should be both breathable and waterproof.

Good for Sensitive Sleepers

Designed for memory foam, latex and spring mattresses and fitting any depth up to 18 inches, it won’t make a crinkling sound when you move around. PlushDeluxe

You can’t go wrong with bamboo—it’s eco-friendly and it minimizes allergens, helping to ward off nighttime sneezing attacks. It’s also silky soft, so your skin will appreciate it as much as your sinuses.

Complete Coverage

Covering up to 12 inches of depth and all six sides, it can be cleaned in the washing machine and tumble dried on low heat. Linenspa

A brand that offers 360 degree coverage, from top to bottom, will more effectively keep bed bugs at bay. To make laundry day easier, some models are designed so that the top half zips completely off.