How to Pick the Best Firelog to start Your Next Fire

Select a fire-starter based on the type of fire you want in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Firelogs are the modern solution to an anachronistic human need: a fire. Watching a log burn in a fireplace hearth or a backyard fire pit provides a sense of well-being that harkens back to the days when humans lived in caves and relied on fire to provide warmth, cook food, and keep predators at bay.

Gathering and storing actual firewood presents a set of problems that are rendered nil by modern firelogs. They’re neat and easy to store, even indoors. They won’t attract and retain bugs. They’re easy to light. They last a long time without a need to add fuel, and they don’t spit sparks and embers. Numerous firelogs are available today. Here are a few thoughts to help you find the best one for you.

Clean & Green

These are made from recycled hardwood, nutshells, and molasses. Pine Mountain

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This piece of advice is simple: look for firelogs with long burn times. While you never want to leave a fire unattended, such long-burning firelogs typically require no tending. Note that not all firelogs contains wood, so if you want to go as natural as possible, look for a firelog that contains wood products but leaves little residue.

Quick Ignition

Shorter burn times are better for late-night fires that you don’t want to supervise for a very long time. duraflame

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If you want to just have a fire after dinner before going to bed, a short-term firelog is the best solution. While cutting a long-burn-time firelog in half may seem like a solution here, it presents a couple of problems. First, firelogs don’t cut easily nor cleanly, and you’re often left with pieces instead of straight sections. Second, it can be messy, with small crumbs of firelog breaking off and scattering. Third, firelogs are manufactured with varying materials depending on the burn time specified, so you may not get a very bright fire if you cut a long-term firelog in half. Go with a firelog that specifies a short burn time.

Long Lasting

Make sure prepackaged firewood is safe for cooking food if you plan to roast marshmallows over it. Pine Mountain

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One of the great pleasures of a fire is toasting marshmallows for ‘smores or roasting hot dogs on a stick. If you’re planning to do this, look for a firelog that’s designed for such use, because non-food-rated firelogs contain substances that may at best impart a bad flavor to foods.