How to Pour a Perfect Scotch

An elegant decanter and selection of crystal cocktail glasses are just part of the equation for savoring one of the world’s most celebrated drinks.

We’re sorry, but you simply can’t fully enjoy a quality Scotch if you’re sipping it out of a coffee mug. You just can’t. You don’t shoot ducks on the water, pot grouse out of trees, or pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, either. Maybe you can enjoy your Scotch occasionally without wearing your favorite tartan kilt or pairing your Glenfiddich with a Romeo y Julieta cigar, but a fine Scotch deserves a presentation worthy of its lineage. Here are three ways you can enhance your Scotch experience.

Lead-Free Materials

This one has major Mad Men vibes. Godinger

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It’s all about the presentation, and this etched glass globe decanter oozes style and sophistication. It’s sure to make an impression as well as generate conversation.

The Perfect Present

These are made in Italy and come in a special gift box. Marquis by Waterford

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Nothing says class like Waterford crystal, and these sweetly cut double old-fashioned glasses fill the bill in spades.


Insulation keeps your beverage the perfect temp. Snüte

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For the true Scotch fan, a “nosing” glass is a requisite for the full bloom and enjoyment of a quality Scotch whiskey. This stainless-steel version features much greater temperature retention than regular glass or crystal, and of course is far less fragile, making it perfect for use in rugged environments.